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Types of CCTV Cameras and their uses.

Dome Camera

These are largely meant for indoor security and surveillance. The dome shape of the cameras makes it difficult to judge the direction where the camera is facing. This camera can even be moved, panned, tilt or zoomed.

Bullet Camera

It is named 'bullet' because its shape resembles that of a rifle bullet. It is cylindrically long and tapered. If there is any requirement of long distance viewing, this camera is ideal. This camera is not endowed with the capability of panning, tilting or zooming; instead it captures images from a fixed point, which hints at a particular area. It can be mounted on any wall or ceiling.

Wirelees Camera

These are wireless cameras which are not IP based. These are extremely flexible in installation. These systems are utilized where cable dragging is not practical or cost restrictive.

Pan–tilt–zoom camera

A PTZ (pan–tilt–zoom) camera is simply a camera that can move its own lens left to right (PAN) and up and down (TILT), it's also capable to use magnification (zoom). Every one of these movements can be remotely controlled by an operator using a device such as joystick, a mouse or even a remote controller. In television production, PTZ controls are used with professional video cameras in television studios, sporting events, and other spaces.

C-Mount Camera

These camera's have detachable lenses which can be made to fit different applications. These camera's can cover a range of more that 40ft which is much higher than normal cctv camera. The lenses of C-mount cameras is available from 4mm to 50mm.

Day / Night Camera

The unique aspect of this camera is that it can operate in both normal and dim-light environments. As they do not have infrared illuminators, they are ideal to be used for outdoor surveillance camera where Infrared cameras fail to operate optimally. Such cameras are generally used by military personals, in high security zones and parking lots.

Infrared Camera

These cameras are Infrared LED's to see images even in the pitch dark conditions. These cameras have the capability to capture videos in complete darkness & better quality videos in low light. Hence these are best to use in the areas where the lighting ranges from poor to zero.

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