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Complete guide of CCTV camera installation in Kolkata

CCTV camera installation steps

Are you looking to install CCTV cameras in your adobe or your workspace? Great, you have come to the right place as here in this article our experts will guide you on how you can easily install CCTV cameras around your required space in order to uplift the security. How a camera will be installed depends upon which type of camera you choose and its power source. The CCTV systems come in a range of different image resolutions, integration capabilities and use cases. There is a basic difference between indoor security cameras the outdoor ones, one of the worth mentionings is outdoor security cameras can be wire-free for installation and maintenance convenience whereas indoor ones use a power cord. Some tilt and provide broader coverage while others are meant to read license plates. All businesses and households need a CCTV surveillance system that helps to upgrade their security under any condition.

Fundamental components of a CCTV System

If you want a top-notch CCTV system that offers full property coverage 24/7, a compatible network of security cameras are required together with ample storage, proper cabling and consistent power supply. Nowadays with the upgraded technology surveillance have become quite handy. Keep reading the article to know more about the process of CCTV camera installation.

Analogue CCTV System

Analogue cameras are traditional cameras used in CCTV systems for over 30 years, they require a DVR in order to record video, these cameras are known to perform better in low light conditions. Analogue cameras provide resolutions of NTSC/PAL standard of 720 x 480 pixels which are much lesser than IP cameras. The resolution range of such cameras varies between 420 to 700 which can produce high-end sharp images.

Benefits of Analogue CCTV System

IP CCTV System

Internet protocol cameras or known as IP cameras that only requires a network connection to transfer images. It is a standalone unit with its own IP address that connects to a network the same way as any other standard network device i.e. a laptop, printer, tablet etc. Those cameras capture images the same way as the digital ones then transmit those over the network after compressing them.

Benefits of IP CCTV System

Wi-Fi CCTV Camera

If you have to stay away from home a lot it is important to monitor the security of your home, thanks to Wi-Fi camera remote checking is possible. Moreover, such cameras are extremely affordable design keeping in mind the security requirement of new-age households. Now you can install wireless cameras that record videos in 1080p which can be saved digitally on a DVR or directly uploaded to the cloud via the internet. Those who are looking for a cost-aneffective CCTV camera installation system should go for Wi-Fi CCTV cameras.

Benefits of Wi-Fi CCTV System

Steps of installing CCTV Camera System

  1. Planning the CCTV System
  2. Selecting the position of CCTV cameras
  3. Buy a CCTV kit or individual components
  4. Deciding a proper Recorder’s Storage Space
  5. Tools for CCTV installation
  6. The connection of the CCTV System
  7. How to prepare a property for CCTV cameras
  8. Connecting CCTV Monitor to DVR
  9. Testing and troubleshooting the CCTV system
  10. Network setup to connect to the internet

Planning the CCTV System

This is one of the most important parts of the CCTV camera installation process here are two things that need to be finalized:

  1. The position of the CCTV cameras
  2. Drawing a detailed diagram of the installation area

The position of the CCTV cameras

A detailed assessment is necessary regarding where to position the CCTV cameras

CCTV Installation TypePosition of the CCTV cameras
HouseExternal entrance, side entrance passage, back entrance, windows and doors, all the rooms, storage areas, garage, back and front of the garden, rooftop etc.
Retail storeFront entrance, aisles, shelves, fridges, entrance, cafeteria, exit, billing area etc.
OfficeEntrance, working floor, outside and inside of the life, cafeteria, common passages, smoking room (optional), fire exit etc.
Petrol stationEntrance and exit of the pump, retail sections of the shop, checkout area etc.
SchoolEntrance and exit, common passage, classrooms, playgrounds, canteen, staffrooms, fire exit etc.
TempleEntrance and exit, shop area, within the main temple room etc.
WarehouseEntrance and exit, loading and unloading area, fire exits, external passage for health and safety, communal areas, working areas to ensure health and safety, parking areas etc.
PlaygroundEntrance and exit, office area, training and practice areas, match areas, common room, locker room, common passage etc.
Other areasAll areas that do not fall under the above categories.

Drawing a detailed diagram of the installation area

If you are planning to install CCTV cameras on your own draw a detailed diagram of your property or ask the same to your CCTV camera installation experts to do the same. It would provide a proper idea of the space where the cameras need to be placed to enhance security.

Buy a CCTV kit or individual components

Now that you know which areas need to cover with CCTV cameras it's time to purchase the kit. Before purchase you must know various components of the kit and their features, for example:

It is crucial to have a proper idea about the components of the CCTV kit, if you are not sure about the elements it is better to rely on a professional CCTV installation team in Kolkata.

Deciding a proper Recorder’s Storage Space

Before buying a CCTV system it is important to plan and calculate how many days of recording you require, according to that check the hard drive capacities off your CCTV kit. If not sure you can take help from a reputed CCTV installation company for the same. Check whether your kit has a hard drive or do you need to buy it separately.

Tools for CCTV installation

Above are the basic tools that are required for installing CCTV within your property.

How to prepare a property for CCTV cameras

One of the crucial steps to decide is where to keep the DVR (or NVR) and how to minimize the visibility of the cables that connect the DVR/NVR with the router. You can keep the video recorder inside a loft or make a separate box to hide the entire setup. You can ask your professional CCTV installation company were to keep the entire setup to protect your property. Don’t forget to use silicon sealant to seal the hole that you have drilled to insert the cables, as it would prevent water ingress to the property.

Connecting CCTV Monitor to DVR

You need to run a network Ethernet cable to join the router with the DVR. You don’t need to worry about a short run of cables but in case of longer runs, an RJ45 connector is required together with the recommended length of the cable. 

Testing and troubleshooting the CCTV system

After you connect everything properly it is time to see the camera images and the monitor. The screen is supposed to be split in order to provide images with separate cameras so that you can see all the images from your installed cameras at a glance on the same screen.

Check the box power supply if you don’t see any images or simply contact a reputed CCTV installation company in Kolkata to help you out with your installation problem.

Network setup to connect to the internet

The DVR needs to be connected to the internet if you wish to watch the CCTV footage on a computer or any other smart device like a smartphone, tablet etc. It also allows the footage to be uploaded to the cloud so that it be stored forever and you can access it from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection.


If you are an advanced user, you might have done your research regarding installing a CCTV security system. But if not it would be rational to hire a good CCTV installation company in Kolkata to provide the best solution for you within your budget.  While dealing with things like the security of your house or office you need to be extra careful to make sure no one can tamper with your property. We know how much it is important for you, keeping in mind your security requirement we only provide the best solution without puncturing a hole in your pocket. So, if you want to uplift the security of your property gets in touch with us at your convenience.

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